16 years’ experience focusing on the development and production of folding electric vehicles.

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Workshop introduction

1) Electric Bike Battery Testing Machine

Electric Bike Battery Testing Machine provide multi-purpose test functions. Common applications are life-cycle testing to simulate battery loading and verifying durability inside the field, at the same time as checking cell balance of a multi-cell pack in field simulation. These tests may very well be completely automated obtaining a custom program that the user composes.

We care for what you are care of. Every battery pack must pass our examination before assembling to your electric bike. Quality first is not just a slogan.

2) Electric Bike Motor Testing Machine

Electric Bike Motor Testing Machine is performed on motors to diagnose what exactly is causing them to run hot, fail to begin, constantly trip their overcurrent device or function deficiently in some manner. Motor testers measure motors by assessing parameters just like the three-phase power quality, speed, torque, and efficiency of your motor so that you can decide faults.

Before assembling the motor to your electric bike, it must pass every index of our test standard. Quality assured from the very beginning.