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Why do most bicyclists hate ebikes?

I do not realize that "most bicyclists" hate e-bikes. I have a great deal of excellent conversations with other cyclists about my electric bike.? And on lengthy rides, a pull from an ebike is welcome from tired riders.

The only negativity I've located is from a pick couple of cyclists who envision I am racing them. These cyclists appear to hallucinate that they're on ESPN racing the other commuters and recreational cyclists about them for prize dollars.Definitely ebikes do not fit in their imaginary rule book for their imaginary race. This is especially humorous when I am carting about my two boys on my heavy steel ebike next to their 240 ounce carbon bike.These few cyclists may also be jealous that their electric powered counterparts do not need to put on lycra or shave their legs. However they also do not represent "most cyclists".
The difference is life style. If a power racing bike spin on a Sunday morning is what a person wants to do, then that’s good.

An ebike is far more about -

a) 'relaxed' commuting to function - i.e. no painful legs, and bags of sweaty pants at operate.

b) A 40 mile rural tour at the weekend, taking in a slap up pub lunch and acquiring out in to the middle of nowhere. And taking half every day about it.

c) Creates potential and opportunity for all sorts of persons not just die really hard fanatical cyclists.

So therefore I would conclude that the query is veering just a little bit on the 'moot point' side - i.e. Is definitely not specifically logical or sensible. Both are leisure activities, various in their very own ideal and hence ( in a totally free nation ) a person is totally free to indulge in either or each. And who're 'most cyclists' anyway?