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We are right here for the April, 2018 Electronic Fair


Hong Kong, April 18, 2017 -Giantplus International Co., Ltd, a international top business specialized in electric scooter and electric bike, has demonstrated its revolutionary models at Booth 1N36 on April 11-14 at HK Electronics Fair 2018 in Hong Kong.

Through the exhibitions Giantplus has showcased a lot of high-performance innovative models, such as electric scooter T series, electric bike DS series and so on. All these goods are the masterpiece of Gianplus, that are characterized by frontier technology, high high-quality and appealing look.

With our own advanced technologies, Giantplus electric autos provide you with a protected riding and much more mileage. The foldable and portable style makes your travel far more uncomplicated and handy. Besides, the unique LED headlight enables you to DIY your mood as you like. More importantly, Giantplus cars are developed to become thinner and lightweight, to ensure that you may quickly ride any of them to your school, workplace, garden, and so on. promptly, greenly and fashionably.

Just after these goods have been presented in the booth, quite a few guests had come to them, took images for them, attempted them and spoke highly of them. "This is amongst the most effective electric vihicles that I've ever been riding. It is so gorgeous, uncomplicated and protected to ride," the majority of our potential purchasers stated. As a pioneer within the electric bike and scooter vehicle business, we will spare no effort to create wonderful wise electric automobiles and boost user encounter constantly, as a result produce additional worth for folks within the quick distance transportation."

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