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What are the difficulties in finding an OEM electric bike supplier for a new or small brand?


When a smaller, or new, electric scooter or electric bike brand looks for OEM suppliers(hereinafter called OEMS),

the job seems not too complicated. But there are numerous obstacles for the small or new brand:


The most beneficial top quality solutions, the most beneficial engineering, plus the best communications pretty frequently come from the largest of your OEMs. Tiny OEMs, specifically inside the much less popular sourcing areas, can have inconsistent high-quality, major to expensive errors and delays.


Quality processes are a lot more likely to be proficiently utilized at the biggest OEMs. Tiny factories can take short cuts.


Misunderstandings through communications are frequent, even among the biggest OEMs, who will frequently have western educated employees. Such challenges are far more widespread in the smaller sized OEMs. Years of functioning collectively can tremendously minimize this, but in the initial days you could encounter troubles.


OEMs are geared for high volume. They will have to be cost competitive, so they must be incredibly efficient, and those efficiencies work ideal when making thousands to millions of bikes. Even after they desire to work using a small brand, they may not have the ability to do so.


The little brand doesn't possess the experience to overcome these obstacles, and can obtain them daunting and costly to take care of.


The little brand is overwhelmed by the numerous OEMs, and confused mainly because all of them say “no challenge”and “we want to do small business” but then normally usually do not respond.


A typical thought among modest or new brands would be to locate the biggest Chinese bike maker and count on that they'll be the very best choice. This isn't generally the case to get a new brand. The largest bike makers inside the Chinese domestic marketplace, one example is, are extremely very good at serving Chinese dealers and consumers.


But might have few or no staff that speaks strong English. And may have small practical experience with export enterprise. Modest orders on the tiny brands may have no priority in their production booking.

Right here are some points the OEMs know, that the modest brand will not:


Very good OEMs are approached literally everyday by new and compact brands, as well as by brands which might be mostly just wishful pondering on the portion with the owner. Numerous of these businesses and individuals have unrealistic expectations.
It is actually difficult for the OEM to understand who's a legitimate prospective consumer with a superior future, and which ones are a waste of time.


Interacting with a modest buyer requires as a great deal time, and as much expense, as operating having a huge buyer. In some cases far more.


Lots of OEM factories basically can't profitably manage orders that are much less than thousands to tens of a huge number of units. The price of tooling, education, computer software, and numerous other particulars are the exact same for the massive and the little order, in a lot of situations.


When working with, or being contacted by, a big brand, the capabilities and small business practices of that brand are well known by far the most in the OEMs. In lots of cases, the brand and the OEM staff are extended acquainted or old pals. There is small worry about payment, or concerning the brand’s ability to sell the bikes they order.

A brand new player in the market could be a full mystery to the OEM staff. Even if they're a well-known organization (an instance could be a vehicle enterprise - significant and popular in their residence market place, but unknown for the Asian OEM factory.) The OEM staff might not even recognize the corporation name, and might not know no matter whether to believe what they see on the net.


Major plans, significant talk, and also a nice power point usually do not support the new player significantly. There is expertise that teaches the OEMs to become wary of big talking westerners using a powerpoint -specifically ones asking for any excellent value, payment terms, or further perform and tools with no give to pay for them up front.


A handful of sample bikes is actually a big project, which can tie up the most effective workers and engineers within the factory - and normally these persons are required for ongoing company for known and long-time customers. There isn't any technique to give the new or tiny consumer a priority along with the exact same applies for the most effective sales men and women and account reps inside the organization.

So we could say that the most significant OEMs are the most effective ones for any modest brand. But that these massive OEMs don't come across it simple to operate with modest brands and can generally refuse to complete so. Or just never ever definitely say what they're going to or is not going to do. (Asians hardly ever say “no”. Their culture is to stay clear of telling any individual what they don't desire to hear. So “maybe”signifies “no”. Failure to respond implies “no”.)

Less capable and smaller OEMs will often be a lot more motivated. But they are normally far more tough to work with and for a modest and inexperienced brand, looking to teach the inexperienced OEM how you can be a effective companion and make appropriate bikes just isn't a welcome, or perhaps even a probable process.
However, Despite the fact that there are many issues and obstacles for the modest or new electric bike or scooter brand, there is certainly still a approach to go. That is definitely to seek out matching OEMs to function with. Some OEMs offer an array of current, generic, bike designs. All of the new or little brand customer needs to do is select the one they want, and offer instruction on colour, graphics, and so on.


Lucky enough, we are this kind of OEMS who have a strong R&D department and have won 32 patents. We have several series and nearly 50 different models you can choose and OEM with your own logo, colors, graphics as you wish. Here are a brief introduction about us.

Here is a case study from our buyer CYCLESKING.


Buyer choosing model X1 from our collections to go with OEM service.


Buyer confirming the colors, logo, brand name and order quantity to us.


We designing the graphics and artworks for buyer approval.


Buyer confirming the graphics design and TT 30% Deposit for bulk order production.


BUYER receiving the proto sample and confirming ok for bulk production.


We mass producing the bulk bike according to buyer’s confirmation.


We packing the bulk and arrange shipment.


Buyer enjoying excellent after service from us and repeat orders again in long term cooperation ship.



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