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Giantplus Expands European Market at IFA 2017


Berlin, September eight, 2017 -The world's biggest and most excellent technology event, IFA 2017 in European market place to show the latest innovations in customer electronics, draw a great close on Wednesday. Giantplus International Co., Ltd, a worldwide major electric vehicle company, has totally displayed its innovative electric cars as well as other products to all attendees, which is the company's a further excellent step toward global market place.

At this annual trade show, IFA has attracted more than 1600 exhibitors inside the customer electronics business and visitors can take a close look at these new products as they like. Throughout the six-day exhibition, Giantplus has showcased a lot of great goods, including electric scooter X series, electric scooter T series, folding mini e-bike GS series, electric skateboard S series.
All our models are created and created with the firm’s personal innovative technologies and unlimited creativity. The goods are hugely qualified, that will surely assure you security while you happen to be enjoying the higher speed. Besides, the products usually be lighter, thinner as well as the foldable design makes your travel life a lot more effortless and hassle-free. In addition, the battery equipped within the automobiles features a high high-quality, so it can provide you with a lengthy mileage for one charge.

Scream, applause, and exclamation, that may be the actual circumstance in the booth of Giantplus. The company's cool products have appealed to lots of fans all of a sudden. We talked with among visitors on spot, and he frankly expressed his adore for the brand as well as its solutions. "I've tried this skateboard, it's so wonderful. I can quickly use it, without having a remote controller. It's so funny and wonderful," stated he. "I'd also prefer to share my feelings of experiencing the item to my good friends," he added.

Considering the fact that its establishment in 2012, Giantplus electric vehicles have gained a great reputation around the globe. This time, the company has expanded its European industry with its amazing goods at the IFA Berlin. Now, Giantplus products are accessible in more than 300 shops in over 50 nations and regions on the world, and there might be 300 thousand fans or more.

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