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Are electric skateboard unsafe?

My thoughts are, that on a regular skateboard, you'll be able to attain like 25mph downhill simply. and when you attain the bottom from the hill you are going to begin kicking as well as your weight may also be like half way off, and if then a stone comes and stops you, you can fall. on an electric skateboard is safer, 1. downhill you can brake with many of the boards two.you happen to be generally entirely around the board because you don’t need to kick it. you may just kinda jump off (when your reactions are excellent). yea, that’s my way how i think about electric skateboards. but to all riders out there: always ride secure!

Electric skateboards is often hazardous, just as standard skateboards might be. It seriously has to complete with all the expertise in the individual riding, and how attentive they may be to their surroundings. But undoubtedly together with the added speed of an electric motor, electric skateboards are for only for skilled riders and thrill seekers.

Classic skateboards generally are harmful yet adding an electric motor to them makes them a lot more unsafe in unexperienced or unprotected hands.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t be a ton of exciting and still a worthwhile purchase.

Staying safe when riding an electric skateboard are going to be mostly determined by the rider’s responsible use of your board (adhering to traffic/pedestrians or preserving a secure speed for the riding situations) too as wearing the proper protective gear.

It is important to note that not all skate helmets will assistance the elevated speeds of an electric board!

These actions will help you get a safe skateboard driving:

-Generally wear a helmet though skating.
-Put on complete protective gear like knee, elbow and wrist protection.
-Know the speed limits while riding electric skateboards.
-Check the skateboard all bearings and nuts are fixed properly or not.
-Put on rubber-soled sneakers.