fantastic transportation for short distance commuting

S2 small electric skateboard combine the intense sports with the classical thrills of skateboarding to create the most powerful boarding experience! In relation to street cruising, the wireless remote control electric skateboard  700w on road has the faster speed and longer distance available. If you are trying to find a very good vehicle cruising in your neighborhood or the city, this is the skateboard med motor for you. It really is also fantastic transportation for short distance commuting!
Controlled using a wireless, handheld remote handle having a patented three-speed variable handle program. This signifies you're often in manage of how rapidly or slow you need to go. And if you choose to stop, your skateboard electronics is equipped with an integrated anti lock breaking technique so you could cease safely. The chargeable hoverboard electric skateboard has a leading speed of 13 mph with a riding time of 45-90 minutes. The battery pack takes 2 hours to totally charge.
Our skateboard battery is produced with high-quality, trusted supplies. Our decks are produced of true wood, specially created trucks and bushings. Our 700 and 900 watt models present the highest lonboard energy available! All of our boosted boards have a simple to study on-board LED battery life indicator. When you are on a S2 skateboard wheels, you understand you might be riding the most recent in high-performance, high-quality, maneuverability, and energy!

Motor: 700 watt
Battery: 25.2V 10AH
Best speed:13 mph
Adjustable Speed Settings: Low, Medium, Higher
Max rider weight:220 lbs
Accelerates from 0-15 in 4.5 seconds!
7 ply Canadian maple deck
Interference-free wireless controller (Forward, Neutral, BRAKE)
Charging period:2 Hours
Range: 8-10 miles (weight dependant)
Specially Designed Trucks and Bushings
Auto Energy Shut Off
70mm PU wheels
carton Size: 880*320*190 mm

product Weight: 8.8 lbs
carton Weight: 13 lbs
Warranty: 60 days Accessories replacement

Hot selling 700 W booster board skateboard with dual motor


Top speed as much as 18 MPH as well as a max variety of as much as 12 miles on one charge. Dual motors generating going up a steep hill a breeze! Equipped using a secured 21.6V LG 8.8AH lithium-ion battery pack which can be totally charged within four hours.


Simple to hold wireless remote that controls braking and speeding up with reverse function. The battery of remote controller  lasts as much as 6 days on a single charging。

electric skateboard boosted boards



The 8 layer deck is made of  7-ply maple wood sandwiched between a layer of bamboo at the bottom of the skateboard electronics bringing it more flexibility and endurance. The deck is decorated with multiple beautiful grip tape and is concaved to keep the skateboarder's feet firmly in place and stay on the booster electric skateboard. Supports up to max weight of 150kg.


In hub motor vs belt driven motor. Brushless hub-motors are more reliable and less problematic. Our hub-motors give the electric booster skateboard an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the overall design without belts, pullies and transmissions under the altered electric skateboard.

- Totally ASSEMBLED before shipment

Save yourself the time and avoid the trouble of assembly when you can ride your booster board longboard directly out of the box.

Crazy electric skateboard battery, colorful life !

The Aluminum truck skateboard press for sale is amongst the quickest and most potent electric skateboards ever supplied towards the public. Don’t let the All Terrain part on the name fool you,S9 electric mountain skateboards are just at house cruising streets and roads as they are off road, in particular when equipped with overall performance big Street wheels.

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USA warehouse electric skateboard price

Giantplus products are concerned about keeping service levels higher and supplying our clients with electric skateboards which are created from premium components like Canadian Maple, Aluminium in addition to a high powered lithium battery.

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sport electric skateboard , makes for an energetic life

Good  controls
Hands down, the most beneficial issue in regards to the electric skateboard is its finely tuned and meticulously created control system. In just about each and every other skateboard electric.we’ve attempted therefore far, the hand-held controller is far more of an afterthought than something. 99% of the time, you get a flimsy Bluetooth joystick controller with basic forward/back functions .  but that’s not the case using the S6 electric skateboard kit.

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cheap SUV and city street mode electric skateboard for sales

In case you’ve noticed any individual on an electric powered longboard within the past few years, opportunities are that the board they were riding was from Giantplus. The firm was one of several very first on the scene when the rideable tech revolution started to take hold back around 2012, and has considering the fact that grown to develop into among the most well known electric longboard brands on the planet.
Giantplus has continued to improve on its original design, and it released its second-generation board in 2016. Since then, a variety of competitors have sprung as much as steal the company’s thunder. So, does the elektro longboard still stand out from the pack. We ripped one particular around PDX to get a couple weeks, and pitted it against a handful of other high-end electric skateboards to see how it compares.

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belt motor remote controlled longboard for sale

In the previous few years, electric skateboards have evolved from a new item  to a sensible and common solution to get about. Today, you will discover a huge selection of distinctive electronic skateboards to choose from, and as such, makers have been establishing increasingly sophisticated skateboards in an effort to distinguish themselves from competitors. It’s a good example ? The Giantplus e board skateboard  Edition. It’s undoubtedly one of the most smart electrisk longboards in the marketplace at this time, and own t about each bell and whistle you may long for. We took our hands on one for assessment and took it for any ride.

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S2 boosted boards are cool

Skateboards are cool. Electric automobiles are cool. Smash them collectively and you possess the S2 electric skateboard remote control! This electric board kit can actually be screwed onto your standard skateboardlongboard/shortboard, turning it into an electric vehicle that could reach speeds of 25mph and travel up to 15 kilometers on a complete charge!

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Giantplus Longboards

Giantplus Longboards, an OEM longboard manufacturer, claimed they had already finished 80% of their targeted purpose on their lately released electric board (SUV seires) funding campaign.

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cheap electric longboard, an excellent mobility plan

Skateboards are cool. Electric cars are cool. Smash them with each other and you have the electric powered longboard ! This electric kit can actually be screwed onto your normal skateboard/longboard/shortboard, turning it into an electric car that may reach speeds of 40km/h and travel up to 20 kilometers on a complete charge!

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